First Visit to the University Art Gallery

It is with great excitement that I write this first blog post about our progress on the fast-approaching exhibition!

The class has been hard at work discussing the direction of the exhibit and are on the brink of finalizing a “big idea” that will guide the rest of the show (more details to come). With all of the in-class planning going on every week, we have been fortunate to break away from the classroom in order to spend some time in the University Art Gallery getting a feel for the space. The visit to the gallery also gave us a chance to assess any installation limitations and to begin visualizing a plan for how we’ll utilize the space.

In addition, students broke down into teams (curatorial, interpretation, installation, and documentation) in order to spend some quality one-on-one time with a group of Jacques Callot prints to be included in the exhibition.

Here, the curatorial team, with the assistance of Isabelle Chartier, examines prints by Jacques Callot in the University Art Gallery

Led by Isabelle Chartier of the University Art Gallery, and Callot expert extraordinaire, students learned all about how prints are made, copied, handled, stored, etc. Because we are working with artists who work primarily with prints, we find it necessary to understand the process involved in making such intricate and impressive works.

Check back for updates in the coming weeks as decisions are finalized, art is delivered, and the installation process begins!

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