Skype, Printmaking, and Fieldtrips!

September 19th: 

Only three weeks into the semester, we had the wonderful opportunity of skyping with Nicholas Naughton, one of the contemporary artists featured in the imprint of war: responses in print. He answered questions regarding his technique and inspiration for his series Reasons Monsters’ (some of which will be seen in our exhibition).


 October 3rd: 

The three artists featured in the imprint of war: responses in print are all distinguished print makers representing war in their images. In order to understand why they may have chosen this medium, the entire class was invited down to the studio arts floor of Frick to watch how print making is done. We talked with professor Delanie Jenkins about her intrigue and interest in the medium and learned the myriad steps to the process.

October 11th: 

Last week we took a break from our own exhibition and explored others currently featured in Pittsburgh. Our first stop was to the Pittsburgh Glass Center where we were privileged enough to speak to Heather McElwee, the executive director. Heather is currently celebrating the 10th anniversary of the center and was happy to answer our questions regarding exhibition planning and her choices as an artist and director of an arts organization. We also had the opportunity to venture upstairs and see artists at work, making glass objects in teams of 2 and 3.


The current exhibiton at the center is titled: 10 Years on Penn, in honor of their 10th anniversary on Penn Avenue in Pittsburgh.

We then traveled to the Society for Contemporary Craft located in the Strip District. We spoke with Janet McCall, who is both the executive director of Contemporary Craft and the professor for our Museum Studies course, about the current exhibition (Bridge 11: Lia Cook, Mariko Kusumoto, Anne Drew Potter) and the history of the gallery.

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